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First a Simple list

Friday, September 17, 2010

My first task is to compile a list of libraries that were known exist between the time of the rise of the Christian era and the onset of the Dark Ages.

So where to start?

Maybe a list of major cities during the Greco-Roman world using the maps on pages xi and xii from Casson (Libraries in the Ancient World). Major cities, especially successful ones would likely have had libraries.

So here is a start...

Form here is: city (modern day location by country)

Alexandria (Egypt)
Aleppo (Syria)
Ancyra (Turkey; also Ankara)
Antioch (Turkey)
Argos (Greece)
Astypalaea (Greece; island east of Greece; also Astypalaia)
Ashur (Iraq)
Athens (Greece)
Babylon (Iraq)
Bilbilis (Spain)
Carthage (Tunisia)
Comum (Italy)
Cos (Greece; island north of Rhodes; also Kos)
Constantinople (Turkey)
Cyrene (Lybia)
Delphi (Greece)
Ephesus (Turkey)
Halicarnassus (Turkey)
Jerusalem (Israel)
Miletus (Turkey)
Naples (Italy)
Narona (Present day Croatia; Roman province of Dalmatia)
Nineveh (Iraq)
Nippur (Iraq)
Patras (Greece)
Pergamum (Turkey)
Pharsalus (Greece)
Pompeii (Italy)
Rhodes (Greece; island south of Turkey)
Rome (Italy)
Seville (Spain)
Sinope (Turkey; on the Black Sea)
Smyrna (Turkey)
Syracuse (Sicily)
Tarentum (Italy)
Thamugadi (Algeria)
Uruk (Iraq)

Monday, September 20, 2010

I got a good start on Pergamum. So far I have used the resources available on the web. Once I get that organized then I will turn to written resources for information about specific libraries.

While working on the Pergamum post, I came across the web site Cities of Revelation. Three of the cities listed are on my list, five were not. I decide to add those five as well, since they are in the Mediterranean area I am interested in.

September 22, 2010
I have a copy of Lora Lee Johnson's dissertation "The Hellenistic and Roman Library:Studies Pertaining to their Architectural Form".

On her contents pages she lists the following libraries.

Celsus Library at Ephesus
Library of Pantainos at Athens
Rogatinus Library at Timgad

Hellenistic at Pergamon
Serapeum at Alexandria
Library at Nysa
Library in the Ptolemeion at Athens
Library of Hadrian at Athens
Militine Library at Pergamon

Palatine Library (Rome)
Library in the Portico of Octavia
Library in the Templum Pacis
Ulpian Library
Library in the Baths of Trajan
Library in the Baths of Caracalla
The "book" during Hellenistic and Roman Periods
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