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The Lost Gospels of the Desert Fathers: Codex I...The Apocryphon of James

  • The Apocryphon of James (also known as the Secret Book of James) (The Gnostic Society Library) (Williams translation)...(Cameron translation)
    • Apocryphon of James (Wikipedia)
      The Apocryphon of James, also known by the translation of its title - the Secret Book of James, is a pseudonymous text amongst the New Testament apocrypha. It describes the secret teachings of Jesus to Peter and James, given after the Resurrection but before the Ascension.

      A major theme is that one must accept suffering as inevitable.
    • Secret Gospels (
      The book is named after James the Just, the oldest brother of Jesus. The opening lines say that it contains a secret revelation which Jesus gave to James and Peter before he ascended to Heaven. This revelation is then presented as a dialogue in which Jesus gives a number of sayings, parables, prophesies, and rules of conduct. There is a possibility that some of these sayings really do go back to Jesus. But scholars don't know who actually wrote this book, or what sources were used in composing it.
    • The Secret Book of James (Early Christian Writings)
      The most extensive study on the Secret Book of James is that of Ron Cameron, Sayings Traditions in the Apocryphon of James (HTS 34; Philadelphia, PA: Fortress Press 1984). The most important result of that study is the conclusion that the sayings tradition preserved in this document is independent of the canonical gospels. A more accessible study is provided by Helmut Koester in Ancient Christian Gospels, pp. 187-200.
    • The Apocryphon of James (New World Encyclopedia)
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