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The Lost Gospels of the Desert Fathers: Codex II...The Gospel of Philip

  • The Gospel of Philip (The Gnostic Society Library)

    • Gospel of Philip (Wikipedia)
      Although this gospel may at first appear similar to the Gospel of Thomas, it is not a sayings gospel, but a collection of gnostic teachings and reflections, a "gnostic anthology", as Marvin Meyer and Esther A. De Boer have called it, considering it to be a Valentinian text. Sacraments, in particular the sacrament of marriage, are a major theme. The text is perhaps most famous as a very early source for the popular theory that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene. Though this is never explicitly stated in the document itself, she is described as Jesus' "lover" in some translations. Although the original text is missing from the papyrus scriptures discovered, some translations 'fill in' the gap, suggesting; “Jesus loved Mary Magdalene more than all the disciples and used to kiss her often on the mouth.”
    • Early Christian Writings: The Gospel of Philip
    • THE GOSPEL OF PHILIP: Introduced and Wesley W. Isenberg
      The Gospel of Philip is a compilation of statements pertaining primarily to the meaning and value of sacraments within the context of a Valentinian conception of the human predicament and life after death.
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