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Nysa (Turkey)...Library

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Date of Origin: "The library dating from the 2nd century A.D. is considered to be Turkey's second-best preserved ancient library structure after the "Celsus Library" of Ephesus."
source: Nysa (Caria) (Wikipedia)

"The primary source of evidence for a library at Nysa comes from a passage of Julius Africanus in the Papyri Oxrhynchi."

"The identification of the building as a library based on archaeological evidence rests on 1) the interpretation of the SW door in the niche as a passage to a gallery in front of niches storing books and 2) the presence of the corridor and small rooms which served perhaps for storage of books but also for protection against dampness as the corridor at Ephesus.
source: Lora Lee Johnson, The Hellenistic and Roman Library: Studies Pertaining to Their Architectural Form

Date of Destruction:


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