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Alexandrine Librarian: Academic Life in Alexandria, Egypt, 5th Century CE (historical fiction)

"Many centuries before our time, in the learned circles of a wonderful city, men were greatly interested in the stars, in the elements, in the cosmic process, in time and space, in the relations of the spiritual to the material, in the possibilities of the ages yet to be and in the perennial riddle of the future of the human soul."... R. Tollinton, Alexandrine Teaching
Alexandrine Librarian is a story of the events surrounding Librarian-Philosopher Hypatia's murder in 415AD. Hypatia was the last head librarian of the great library located in Alexandria, Egypt. The story is told by her cousin, an assistant Alexandrine Librarian named Yarrl. For Yarrl, it is an adventure through time. Sadly, Hypatia's death and the subsequent destruction of ancient libraries and Greek scholarship, throughout the Roman Empire may have led to the Dark Ages in Europe and Northern Africa.
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